3 Steps To Practice For The Exam

The Test of English as a Foreign Language is an exam that determines the various skills and knowledge of individuals when it comes to their use and understanding of the English language. It is however, not a matter of luck when it comes to passing this exam with a high score, it depends on thorough preparation for the exam. You can improve your chances of getting a high score by following the guidelines mentioned below.

The format of the exam

Firstly, you must know the format of the exam and this consists of four main sections; reading, listening, speaking and writing sections. Success on the TOEFL exam not only depends on the preparation, but the overall knowledge, skills and attitude you possess. You can easily familiarize with the format and structure of these exams by practice mock tests that are freely available online or in your local book stores. The more you practice, the more time you will save when it comes to the real exam as these exams are always standardized you could expect the same style in format and structure.

Practice questions

As mentioned earlier, the four question types will mainly have a multiple choice segment. The reading questions will include vocabulary testing, purpose, details in information, reference and so on so forth. Unlike for a SAT preparation where it would include arithmetical problems as well, this is only based on your knowledge of English language. The listening section will once again carry multiple choice questions and these will have tables and questions where you are allowed to give more than one answer. The speaking section involves being given a topic to listen to and then gathering your personal view to then speak about it for an allocated time. Topics for this section can vary academic topics to more personal styles. Writing is broadly divided into two tasks. The first will require you to write an essay for about twenty minutes while the second task for about 30 minutes.

Focused practice on weak areas

The more questions you practice, the more helpful it will be for you. Find out your weak areas when practicing and spend more time on those areas. For example, in the writing section, you would find that making a short and quick outline or plan of your essay before you start writing the answer will help you organize yourself to construct more coherent sentences and make your essay flow well. This is better than realizing half way through your essay that your essay does not make any sense, thus allocating a few minutes to organize your answer can help you stay in the right direction.